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Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and many other places are coming up soon.

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Senior PHP Developer
In office, Helsinki
Senior Ruby Developer
In office, Gaaga
Mobile Android Developer
In office, Gaaga
Mobile IOS Developer
In office, Gaaga

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Why we are so nerdy in Nerdsbay?

As part of the Nerdsbay team we are passionate about making changes in recruitment processes. We love to optimise, automate and speed up. We enjoy creating new ways of communication between candidates and companies - making them safe, fast and efficient. We value your time and comfort.

We believe that nowadays IT specialists are free to choose the country and society, culture and climate to live in and work for. Feel it with us - start your international exploring with Nerdsbay.

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  • Zlata
    Zlata Senior Frontend Dev

    I really liked that Nerdsbay Fair. It was interesting to listen to the presentation of the companies and the story of relocation. Special thanks for the opportunity to immediately book a call with a representat...

  • Maria
    Maria Senior QA Engineer

    Nerdsbay Fair on 8.03 was my first experience participating. I was also happy with the very format of company presentations and 1-to-1 meetings. An employee gets an opportunity to become visible and acquainted...

  • Sergey
    Sergey Senior Software Dev

    I've been already in in Finland at that moment and I was actively searching for new job. As a result on 19 of March I already had two offers from the companies. I chose one and proceeded with documents staying...

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get the response from the company?

We usually ask companies to proceed not longer then one week with the first reply, but it depends from the situation in companie. Please keep pations.

How will I receive the response from the company?

You will receive a message by mail or telegram, depending on the internal processes of the company.

I haven't received a feedback, how can I check the status?

We scheduled a request for the company to remind us about candidates once a week, so keep patience. If you still have any questions please contact Nadya